Qui suis-je ?

111011402-108Noelle d’Aboville-Lobmeyr , born in 1970, spent half her life in Paris, where she became a lawyer. In her free time, she always enjoyed drawing and painting.

When she moved to Buenos Aires, she started painting more seriously at the Macela Boubeau de Sacondigné Studio.

She then moved to London and started taking sculpture classes at Heatherley School of Art.

For the past 9 years, Noelle has been sculpting in London, developping her own style, mainly concentrating on human bodies, movement studies, and animals.

Most of her work is in bronze although Noelle also uses resin, plaster and sculptamould.

Each bronze cast is produced in a limited edition of 8.


“Car celui qui crée doit être son propre univers, et trouver tout ce qu’il cherche en lui et dans la nature à laquelle il s’est lié.”
de Rainer Maria Rilke
Extrait des Lettres à un jeune poète